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    Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
    12:15 pm
    S1 and reposting
    If you use S1, and lost your journal colours, you can go to and reset your theme colours. Luckily I'd used the same ones I use on my web site, so I just re-copied them from there.
    If you use S2, you can turn off the reposting comments using a CSS command:

    Update: greylock is tracking this issue, and has posted an update about the CSS (it won't uncheck boxes, may hide checked ones):

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    Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
    12:54 pm
    August Books and Movies
    Wow, pretty light month for me. I spent a lot of time sewing instead. :)

    Finding magic, Tanya Huff. Read more...Collapse )

    Blood Bank, Tanya Huff. Read more...Collapse )

    The living dead, edited by John Joseph Adams. Read more...Collapse )

    Clementine, Cherie Priest. Read more...Collapse )

    Naamah's Curse, Jacqueline Carey. Read more...Collapse )


    Vengeance. Read more...Collapse )

    Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead. Read more...Collapse )

    Monday, August 30th, 2010
    4:14 pm
    and home again
    I rented a car for the weekend and drove cris and myself out to Mount Greylock for his birthday camping trip.
    We parked at one of the overnight lots, and hiked a mile in to the Sperry Road camp site for the first night. In the morning, we broke camp and took the Hopper Trail to the Money Brook trail to the Wilbur Clearing camp site. We ended the day at around 3pm, even though we "only" went 4 miles or so, it was a steep climb with fully laden packs. We saw an amazing sunset, and had a warmer second night out in the woods. Then we climbed up to the Old Summit Road trail, did a short section of the Appalachian Trail from just past Mt. Williams, over Mt. Fitch to Mt. Greylock. I was a bit overwhelmed by the crowds at the peak (there's a road and parking lot serving a lodge there). Then down another section of the Hopper trail to the first campground and back to the car for the drive home, for a total of about 6 miles the second day (it was a lot less steep).
    My legs are a bit sore today (all muscular pain, my knees were fine (yay!)), and I learned that 25lbs is a good pack weight for me. 30+ kinda sucks, even if it includes extra water so that I don't dehydrate. The nice thing about camping out for two nights is that you keep eating more and more of the food and have to haul less and less up the mountain as time goes on. :)
    I'm not sure that I can exactly recommend the "haul 30lbs of gear up a steep slope for two days" exercise regime, but after testing it out via bike and foot, it does work to kick start my cardio health and use up some stored energy. Today: eating all the food I can get my hands on so that I can be ready for the next endurance test. :) I don't think I'll make it to the Industrial Ice Cream Party tonight, esp. since I'm not up for dancing again quite yet (my cold still isn't fully gone either).

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    Thursday, August 26th, 2010
    6:16 pm
    Convergence 16
    My few pictures.

    Outfit round up because I had a lot of fun with the fashion this year too:

    Wedding in Vegas:
    The Elvis print dress I made, and the parasol I bought, photo by mr_sharkey, my unofficial official photographer. :)

    Convergence in Park City:
    Friday watching the fashion show: Semi respectable saloon girl, photo by lil_m_moses. Sassy pose by lastaii. (I got immediately tipsy when I tired his Buffalo Trace bourbon, I think that's what I'm holding there). ashbet, the boots are by Miz Mooz, they're nice and wide in the calf, but I had to have the foot stretched.
    Friday night once it got cold: Gothic/western prim and proper, and then spoiling it all to hike up our skirts and show off our shoes, photos from dali_muse. I made the walking skirt for halloween last year.

    Saturday at the venue (haven't seen my afternoon outfit caught anywhere): The more scandalous saloon girl, outfit made by me, photo by dali_muse.

    Sunday: daytime Firefly Heart of Gold inspired outfit not well caught on film so far, I'm in the background of some nerf shoot out pictures. On Flickr by dali_muse.
    At the venue: Semi scandalous saloon girl (turns scandalous if it goes off the shoulder), in baby blue!. The black bit on my head is a tiny feathered headband. Photo from a facebook tagging. On Flickr by dali_muse.
    2:40 pm
    stupid exercise injuries
    I slammed my forearm into the corner of the coffee table last night as I was lying down to do crunches. It's the same forearm that has a parkour scar, the tb test bruise, the blood draw pinprick, and a nice long scrape from a cut cable lock that got me as I was locking up next to another bike the other day. I threw a bandaide on it to soak up the bit of blood and forgot about it until at work today when I went to lean my arm against my chair arm. Yup, there's a bruise too.
    10:52 am
    Matchy matchy
    Poll #1610976 Matchy matchy

    At a formal event, you see someone in a suit and tie with a date whose outfit is predominantly the colour of the tie. Reaction?

    Love it!
    Like it
    Too matchy matchy
    Who let them out dressed like that?

    Current Mood: curious
    Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
    12:23 pm
    weekend: medical, birthdays, club nights, dnd
    On Friday, I had my medical exam for my green card application. The civil surgeon nearest my office was quite nice, and informal. As she was going through my family medical history she would ask "momma's side or poppa's side?". She wanted to chat a bit with me, luckily mostly while I was still clothed, and we talked about my research and her past work as an anesthesiologist (apparently giving kids a balloon filled with nitrous gets them to relax enough so that their veins "pop right out"). I didn't feel a thing as she drew blood and gave me my TB shot. Turns out that I had no record of the combined MMR vaccine, so she's doing a blood titre to see if I carry the antibodies. I know I had chicken pox and mumps, but I think I might have missed measles. Still waiting on the blood work to come back, but I was able to get a separate sheet saying that my TB test was negative, so I can bring that to Occ. Health and tick that off for this year.

    I had time to head home, work for a bit (learning git, why can't we just stick with one version control system? this is the third), make supper and then head over to the Brattle to see "Vengeance", Johnnie To's recent film. I love that he reuses actors, though they tend to just be cast as variations on "gangster" - but they do it so well, I'm not complaining. I love how much these movies can say with very little dialogue, the chemistry between the actors is great. It was interesting to see a flashier side of Macau, "Exiled" was much grittier.

    Saturday I started to get my photos organised from all my trips this summer (they're linked from here), and did some cleaning and organising. Decided to finally put all the shoes/boots in the entryway rather than keeping half stuffed in the hall closet. Hopefully this will encourage me to go get the new shelf that I found at Target, rather than relying on the stacked different size/colour ones out there now. We may have to institute a one in, one out policy on footwear though. :) I dropped by Urban Outfitters last night and luckily the two tone oxfords weren't that nice in person. Plus I couldn't find full pairs in 7.5 or 8, but the 8 seemed to fit best. Also found time to bake a pair of small cheesecakes, and left them in the oven 5 minutes too long. I'll get it right eventually!

    Then the evening was an exercise in route planning. :) Stopped in at sarah_swati's birthday gathering first, staying until they went to XMortis. Then down a couple of blocks to talesinsdaughtr's birthday gathering. Then jumped over the river and caught the last hour of Sin-O-Matic at Machine. Unfortunately the last hour is the most annoying, people were crowding me on the dancefloor and the displays of heterosexuality were getting more and more explicit. Left before the end and took a slightly round about route home to try and avoid drunk drivers and taxis. Hybrid taxis are kind of eerie when it's just you and them on the road at 2 in the morning. They just go silent when they stop and I have to glance at them to make sure that no one's jumping out with a stick and a bag to get me. :)

    Sunday we started DND a bit early, since I was hosting the book club right afterward. We decided to explore a mine first and lost a party member to a giant snake (poison + bite + crushing damage, oh my). After barely saving another member from a pit monster, I think we may go explore the town instead. The book club discussion was relatively short, not too many people made it out, but just enough to fill the living room comfortably. I've been tasked with picking the next selections, I'm torn between weighting the 3-5 books I'll suggest between old favourites or new ones that I want to read anyway. Luckily they want something not-dark and in the sci-fi or fantasy genre to offset the depressing and non fiction books we've been reading lately. "Let The Right One In" would have been fun, but I think it's a bit too dark. The next book from that author, "Handling the Dead", is out soon btw.

    Monday I managed to last long enough to go to Ceremony to see sloot and miss_bontemps. Service was a bit scattered when I arrived there at 7pm for dinner, the end of the pre-game rush were still eating, and the one waitress had no idea that Ceremony was going on in the back room at 9pm. I think most of the staff were going off shift at 7:30 or 8pm, they kept checking in on me even before I'd had a chance to start my meal (the pre game crowd had cleared out by then). The salmon cake was delicious, at least, but I ended up closing up my tab and moving to another table with a cocktail, that I bought at the bar, so that I could read in peace. Spotting the Ottawa contingent coming in with dali_muse was like a mini-Convergence hit, more people should come visit us in Boston. :)

    Tonight, hopefully a schlocky horror movie, tomorrow I take cris out for his pre-birthday dinner, then on Friday we leave for his birthday camping trip out in western Mass. It was nice having last weekend at home and catching up with local folks, since we have Labour Day weekend mostly free at this point and then we go into: my sister's visit, a trip for a wedding, his parents visit. Plus I start up my Spanish class, and we can start looking ahead to Canadian Thanksgiving again. :) We'll have to see if we can order a fresh turkey (or two) from Mayflower this year.

    11:41 am
    that was wet
    Crossing over the Charles River, I got a lung-full of sea air, the tang of salt combined with the downpour confused me for a bit.
    A block later, I got a lung-full of earth/loam scent. It smelled like someone had just put compost on their garden, but I was in the middle of an expanse of concrete.
    On Comm. Ave, just after crossing I-90, a storm grate had a small fountain of water coming *out* of it, that's never a good sign.
    Passing through the BU canyon, the wind tunnel effect made it look a bit like the hurricane footage that the weather channel loves to show, complete with someone struggling to keep an umbrella from turning inside out. I was really glad I'd put the hood on my jacket, it kept water from being driven sideways into my ears.
    Water drops falling off of Fenway Park felt heavier than the ones coming from the sky, I think they consolidated and then fell. Or else they're imbued with leftover beer and peanuts.
    My rain pants have definitely reached end of life, the only thing they were good for this morning was keeping the water out of my rain boots.
    The basement was still dry this morning when I left, but I made sure everything was off of the floor again, and that the sump pump was plugged in. *crosses everything*

    I was felled by a nasty cold on Monday evening, but still had to make it to my dentist appointment last night. Taking the bus is so slow compared to biking, but I wasn't feeling up to riding. Found out that I have my very first cavity, so not impressed. But at least the cold was out of my nose at that point, so I could breath while they had my mouth jacked open for the cleaning. Woke up with sore stomach muscles this morning, from coughing and blowing my nose all night. :/ I didn't take the Tylenol night time cold/sinus meds this time, since they knocked me out for about 11 hours the night before. I was fine to ride, though.

    Monday, August 23rd, 2010
    10:22 am
    serial killer of sunglasses
    2 in two weeks, I'm on a roll. Snapped the arms off of both of them. I have an order in for a new pair, hopefully it will last a bit longer.

    Current Mood: damp
    Friday, August 20th, 2010
    12:29 pm
    Ooh, Urban Outfitters has some cute Oxfords on offer for fall: clicky. I'm going to try and drop in to try some stuff on this weekend.
    10:53 am
    out of my comfort zone
    This whole permanent residency application process has been pushing me out of my comfort zone. I've had to market myself, ask for things, make phone calls and push my employers in various ways. Luckily this morning's request (vaccination records from my doctor's office) went smoothly and I'm all set for my medical exam this afternoon. I just have to ask the civil surgeon if I can get an official copy of the TB test result to bring to the hospital so that I don't have to get tested twice (verified that yesterday).

    I miss being on vacation. Looking at some of the pictures that people snapped of me, I'm reminded of how relaxed I was and full of smiles. Riding to work on my first day back cured that right quick. :)

    In good news, it's T-1 month to my birthday, and just over a week to cris's. I'm not doing anything big for mine (since I'm going to a wedding in Indiana), but it's nice to get back to an even year. :) Edit: never mind, cris is doing something special for me. :) Though I'm a bit annoyed, my Amazon wishlist had been depopulated. :/ I went to put two books on it today and that's all that's there now. :(
    I'm looking forward to the camping trip we're going on next weekend, and beginning to get excited about our November vacation.

    Current Mood: hungry

    Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
    1:39 pm
    back in Boston
    the_siobhan's wedding featuring the_axel where Elvis sings all the songs and does all the work was awesome. :) I stayed downtown rather than on the strip and had a totally different experience of Las Vegas than on previous trips. Didn't hurt to have 40 people to share it with. :) The pool at the Golden Nugget had a shark tank in the middle, and a water slide that went right through it, but the very best part was that half of the pool was in the shade. :)

    The road trip to Park City was wonderful, the desert landscape was awesome and we were all non-amateurs, so 6 people in the van were just as efficient as the cars with three people. We randomly stopped for lunch at a cafe where the waitress had blue hair.

    Convergence in Park City was great, I loved my room and I got to play fashionista for the weekend. :) I pretty much wore everything I brought, even the bike clothes (since I did a 14 mile ride on Saturday morning (which was amazing, every time I stopped to take a picture, the silence would engulf me)) and the baby blue dress (which amused me but people seemed to like). I had lots of room left on the way back for the Sigh Co. t-shirt I bought. Food wise, I ended up only paying for a muffin after getting groceries on the first night, and I was able to feed friends and myself using the kitchen in my room. I split a bottle of St. Germaine and one of vermouth with the_axel and combined with cheap (er, and weak) drinks at the evening venues, my alcohol expenditures ended up being reasonable as well. :) The big suitcase of doom ended up a hair over 50 lbs but the airlines didn't care, so no extra charges there either. And then I blew all the money I'd saved by taking a taxi home from Logan, but it was so worth it not to have to lug things home on the T. I saw shooting stars, geeked out about astronomy and comic books and cooking, was subtly rescued from drunk fratboys (my friends are awesome, they were there for backup), danced up a storm, witnessed a nerf gun battle in the courtyard, and got to hang out with far flung friends and make some new ones. I'm still on the fence about Cozumel, it'll depend on who else is going, really.

    I managed to get a whole 4 hours of sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning, so the trip home wasn't as surreal as usual, and another 7 hours last night has put me on the road to catching up. Only saw cris for an hour or so, since he had to get to sleep soon after I arrived home, as he had an early morning flight today.

    Full travel diary and pictures to come once I've caught up on life again.

    Monday, August 9th, 2010
    11:53 am
    mountain biking and hiking in Park City
    I found a coupon for "rent one bike, get the second at half off". If (and it's a big if), I can wake up before noon while I'm in Park City, I'm thinking of going for an easy mountain bike ride (lesson learned in Boulder, CO, altitude makes a difference; lesson learned in Whistler, BC: downhill is right out). It also looks like there are some paved rail trails for easy road biking.
    I managed to buy a huge suitcase yesterday (it had to come home propped up on one rail of the bike trailer) so I hope to bring my hiking boots as well. Hmm, though I guess that would lead to wanting to bring my camelbak and other gear, we'll see how fast I hit 50lbs when I'm packing tonight, the boots are heavy (though my Fluevog Angels are comfy and supportive enough for easy trails). :)
    Destination Sports, though the web site only lists ski rentals.

    Current Mood: vacation-brain
    Sunday, August 8th, 2010
    10:29 pm
    my favourite place name
    Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump, Alberta.
    My parents are on their summer road trip and I specifically requested a picture of this sign. :)

    Current Mood: amused
    Saturday, August 7th, 2010
    7:58 pm
    Done my saloon girl costume! And it's even more than 18 hours before I leave on vacation. Pictures to come after I wear it at Convergence. :)
    Friday, August 6th, 2010
    6:56 pm
    what I did in July
    I was able to keep up on my travel diaries, but fell behind on posting them. So, July travels:

    First, we went to Toronto for an elk roast/stag party.
    Then we went to Ottawa for a 40th birthday party.
    Then we went to Montreal for the Fantasia movie festival.
    Had a weekend at home, and then it was off to Osoyoos, BC for my brother's wedding.

    Pictures will probably come after I get back from Vegas and Park City in a week and a half, I'm going to try to spend this weekend at home sewing instead of sitting at the computer. :)
    12:22 pm
    light at the end of the tunnel (sewing, suitcases, green card)
    I'm on the last page of instructions for my saloon girl outfit, and most of the page is taken up with instructions for the other two views, so "only" 12 steps left. :) My plan had been to get 10 steps done during each of the two weeks leading up to this weekend, and leave 10 for Saturday, so I'm golden. Not too impressed with the errors and ambiguities that I'm finding in the instructions though. There should be lots of time to adjust the fit on the dress for the Elvis wedding. *knocks on wood* I might even have time to make head bling. :) I made myself a blackberry smash (with substitutions, spicy rum and apricot liqueur worked fairly well together) and read for a bit before supper, then put in another hour on the skirt.

    Suitcase shopping tomorrow, Read more...Collapse )

    I got everything signed and ready to go to the International Office for my I-140 application, they'll do that first and then when my salary reaches the required level, the I-495 application will trigger the medical exam and vaccinations and pictures and translated birth certificate. The medical exam is good for a year, but the civil surgeon has to do the TB test, so I'll just have to get two done. I can try to get any outstanding vaccinations done by my doctor's office and provide documentation to the civil surgeon, as the medical exam won't be covered by my insurance (mmmm, hidden costs). Considering the number of diseases they have to check for, I'll have to drink lots of water to get my blood volume up before they drain me.
    I have my annual review at work on the 20th (they're just instituting these now for my job title - I have to provide a formatted CV and list of publications from this year (luckily, I actually have some!)), I'm hoping to find out then when the last pieces can fall into place on the hospital side. I seriously doubt that it will be before Feb/11, and they'll have to do the H1B extension anyway, so I'll start that in September to give them 5 months to dilly dally on it (it seems to take a month to get off of anyone's desk).

    Oh, and my bike odometer's hitting 800 miles today, I forgot to note down when it hit 750, pretty sure that it was either Thursday or Monday. 55 commuting miles a week adds up fast, and I've been detouring on the way home most nights this week. cris is randonneering tomorrow, so I've got the house to myself for sew-pocalypse. :) If anyone wants to come over and work on sewing or craft projects, let me know - the sewing machine and serger won't be in use the whole time. :) I need to clean them out and oil them up after these projects, they're building up lots of lint.

    And I also finally signed up for a Spanish class, starting in September. It might run into the trip to Argentina (the other option was starting next week and I'd miss the first two classes), but at least it'll be fresh in my mind. The books for the course are another expense, though, but at least I'll have them as reference later on.

    Thursday, August 5th, 2010
    5:42 pm
    phone billing - not cool
    Wow, that was shady. Verizon called me a little while back to say that the bill they'd sent out was returned to them. I gave them my address again (they never said where they'd sent it) and they didn't say anything about paying anything before the bill showed up. It still hasn't showed up. Got a text message today saying to call them again, got dumped into automated machine circles where they told me my bill was past due, and I couldn't check the mailing address they had on file. I gave up and pressed 0 to talk to a person, and got him to agree to waive the late fee (only $5, I think) by paying the past due amount over the phone. The current month's bill is $15 more (did I not turn off data roaming at some point in Canada???) and has to be paid by the 27th in order not to incur a late fee. Though I'm really not sure how the second bill (I've only had the phone since July 1) can be more when it should only cover 5 billing days so far. Hopefully the bill will actually show up before I have to pay it this month!

    I think I've been spoiled by the pay as you go cell phone I'd had for years (they - still Verizon actually - would send lots of text messages to remind me when my minutes were about to expire), and credit card billing where you actually get most of a month to pay the bill after it arrives.

    Monday, August 2nd, 2010
    12:37 pm
    July books and movies

    Ink-stained amazons and cinematic warriors : superwomen in modern mythology,Jennifer K. Stuller. Read more...Collapse )

    Nobel: Lust, Elfriede Jelinek (translated by Michael Hulse). Read more...Collapse )

    Squirrel machine, Hans Richeit. Read more...Collapse )

    Black hole, Charles Burns. Read more...Collapse )

    Blankets : an illustrated novel Craig Thompson. Read more...Collapse )

    Catching out : the secret world of day laborers, Dick J. Reavis. Read more...Collapse )

    Peter and Max: a Fables novel, Bill Willingham, with illustrations by Steve Leialoha. Read more...Collapse )

    Tales of the Otherworld, Kelley Armstrong. Read more...Collapse )

    Nobel: The Piano Teacher, Elfriede Jelinek. Read more...Collapse )

    Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris. Read more...Collapse )

    Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris. Read more...Collapse )

    The Ship Who Searched, Ann McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey. Read more...Collapse )

    The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls. Read more...Collapse )

    Look to Windward, Ian M. Banks. Read more...Collapse )

    Nobel: The Caretaker and The Dumb waiter : two plays, Harold Pinter. Read more...Collapse )

    Hamlet's dresser : a memoir, Bob Smith. Read more...Collapse )


    Triangle. Read more...Collapse )

    Postmen in the Mountains. Read more...Collapse )

    Mutants. Read more...Collapse )

    Woo! Time to go back to the actual Fantasia festival: 8 movies (and one play) seen over July 16-18/10.

    Ip Man 2. Read more...Collapse )

    Agora. Read more...Collapse )

    Iron Man 2. Read more...Collapse )

    11:55 am
    translation guidelines
    Okay, the person who does the translation of my birth certificate has to be fluent in French and sign the translation and a statement of fluency and effort before a notary public (I have a feeling that I know a notary public as well - anyone remember who it is?):
    I, [insert full first and last name], certify that I am fluent in English and in [insert language other than English]. I have translated the [insert the document] to the best of my belief and ability.

    Back from BC, brother got married despite the best efforts of a huge thunderstorm - we were worried that the tent would get struck by lightening or blown over by the wind. I got half soaked trying to secure the flaps, it was kinda fun! And no heatstroke for anyone, though the videographer came close during the sunny part of the day (the ceremony was done by the time the rain came).

    Tonight: cris is DJing at Down with Tempo, so I'll be there for the first part of the evening at least (go go Pacific Time jet lag).
    Thursday, July 29th, 2010
    10:56 am
    sewing proceeding apace
    I'm no angldst but I've made good progress on my saloon girl costume this week. :) I just have the bias tape around the neck and arms, and the beaded fringe along the lower edge left to do on the bodice, and I have vauge hopes of finishing at least the bias tape tonight. The 6am alarm for our morning flight tomorrow is looming large though. Plus I need to pack tonight, after making sure to double check undergarments with my new dress - I had a bra strap failure at my sister's wedding and I don't want to repeat that for my brother's wedding! Granted I'm just "sister of the groom" instead of a bridesmaid this time, so hopefully no one will be paying much attention to me. :)
    Umbrellas don't appear on any prohibited lists for TSA or Air Canada, so fingers crossed that my parasol will be safe in the cabin with me.
    I'm kind of excited to spend some (if very little) time in the Okanagan Valley, I've just driven through or flown over it so far. We'll be staying right on a lake, which is good since the high for Saturday is currently forcast to be 34C. *winces*

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
    10:32 am
    um, *blink blink* PERM case approved
    I got my new birth certificate, copied it and sent the pdf to my immigration lawyer via email. She wrote back:

    Good news! Your PERM case has been approved. [...]
    With regard to your birth certificate, you cannot translate it. You will either have to have a translation service do it, or you can have a friend translate it and they will have to follow certain guidelines which we will send to you as well.

    I think I'm in shock. I was getting ready to collect papers for my H1B extension. My heart and stomach are doing funny things right now...

    Is there anyone who knows French and is willing to trade official translation services for a favour in kind? It's really really simple language, but I'm not sure what the guidelines will be. Maybe I'll just get it done next week so it has time to fade between weddings...

    Update: crap, connected with my birth certificate, I was just reminded that I'm due to have my quarterly TB screening done at work before the end of September. I need to pick a week where I won't mind walking around with a big red dot on my arm, since I always seem to bruise from the shot.

    Current Mood: shocked
    Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
    10:38 am
    This morning I unthinkingly pitched the road atlas that got soaked when the car took on 2 feet of water. It wasn't until I was well away from the dumpster that I remembered that the double page map of North America at the start of the book was where I'd been highlighting all of the highways on which I'd driven. :/ Basically, if it's near the eastern seaboard and has I in the highway name, I've probably driven most of it. There was also a long line extending all the way across from Seattle to Boston following I90. And a line connecting Dallas and Austin. I left off the Trans Canada Highway, since I was too young to drive when we moved from point to point along it, and I was just keeping a record of roads where I'd been behind the wheel.
    I haven't done a long road trip since that cross country one, so I'm not too too sad to have lost the record, I hadn't thought about it in a while. I have the travel diaries, and I could, if I wanted to, plot the trips out on an online mapping site. There was still a bit of a twinge as I let it go, though. I'd started recording my trips when I saw my dad's map of Europe, more ink than clear, showing all of his road trips from when he was stationed in Germany. Not that I'll have any kids who'd like to see my maps, but I could have bored my hypothetical nieces or nephews with them. :)

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
    10:28 am
    summertime, travel, sewing
    It's a sign that we've been having a really hot summer when I'm all bouncy about how cool it is today, and it's still 26C/79F.
    At least last night's storm didn't flood anything.
    Oh, man, I just added Vegas's weather widget to my home page, 40C. *winces and prepares to die*

    Trip to Montreal was lots of fun. I'm still not entirely sure how many shots I had on Thursday night at the Peel Pub ($1 shooters, but they were small). I remember two sets of 4 or 5 and I think I took a break and then went in for another round. This was after sharing a pitcher of sangria with silas7, and before having a gin and tonic. I'll just look at it as training for Convergence. :) Saw 8 movies and a play, rode roller coasters, had poutine at Mad Hatters, ate lots of Japanese pastries (found the shop in Guy Concordia station), got a little lost a couple of times, had breakfast with my aunt and uncle, and managed to squeeze five people in a hotel room for a nice cheap weekend. :)

    Now I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to go anywhere for a whole 10 days. I missed working out in Montreal (had a day when I was just feeling wretched), but got back on track last night and I think I'll fit properly into the dress I got for my brother's wedding. I just need to even out my biker tan... and get a parasol! I'm making a dress for the next wedding I'm going to after that one (dueling Elvii!) and the fabric makes me giggle every time I work on it. :) Now I'm wondering if I should get white plastic accessories...
    Thursday, July 15th, 2010
    11:31 am
    gone again
    Another weekend, another trip to Canada. :)

    Current Mood: weekend!
    Monday, July 12th, 2010
    10:44 am
    home again, for a while
    Got back from Ottawa last night, at a decent time and had a nice relaxing take out dinner on the porch. Then I returned my landlord's call and found out that there was a flash flood while we were gone. 2 feet of water in the driveway and garage, but luckily this time he was able to plug the holes into the basement (he broke a broomstick and sledge hammered it into the wall). So we only had an inch of water around the washing machine this time. *sigh* Might be time to invest in a riser for the washer, this is getting nuts. :/ Edit: then again, $160-$200 for a box???
    Need to go through the garage tonight and pitch stuff that didn't survive, hopefully only a couple of things this time, but I haven't looked yet.

    Current Mood: worried
    Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
    11:26 am
    productive night
    Last night I was enjoying riding my bike so that I could easily make stops on the way home: library, bank and grocery store. I missed having a bike in Toronto, having to plot out my travel at $3/pop was a bit complicated, though the weekend $10 day passes (good for two people) were much easier. Of course I then got home to see that my tutorial contest winnings were sitting on the pile of mail, so I'll have to go back to the bank again to deposit it (and then buy my Vegas flight ASAP).

    cris made a no-cook dinner that beat the heat nicely (chilled cucumber and mango soup, tomato and chevre and basil sandwiches), then we popped upstairs to talk to the landlords about some minor stuff we wanted resolved before we renew the lease. Turns out that the porch is the summer project, it's going to be pretty much rebuilt. Time to plan on some new patio furniture. :)
    Then I got two loads of laundry done, and worked out (since I was sweating already). I'm a bit worried that the elliptical machine may not have survived the flood unscathed, it's pretty loud now and the resistance feels more mechanical than magnetic. :/ Need to open it up and see if I can find some oil points.
    Then I made a batch of the orzo, tomato and feta dish that I can bring for cool lunches this week, put away (most of) the laundry, and finally settled in with a cocktail (Last Word, mmmm) and a graphic novel (finally read Blankets, very sweet). A nice cool shower and in to bed not too much past my bedtime.

    I'll need to push my productivity on weeknights this month, especially doing at least a little bit of sewing on most nights. Almost done the new bloomers, and then I'll cut out the saloon girl costume so I can start piecing it together.

    Oh, I wrote my travel diary for Toronto on my new phone, it worked out pretty well, though I wasn't a fan of the memo app having a curled up lower right corner, I kept having to scroll it up to see what I was writing. Need to spell check and expand, but at least it's sketched out. Uploading photos was a bit annoying, but that could have been due to trying to do it on the T and losing signal. :) I liked that I could queue up 3 uploads at once and let it churn. Emailing the memo to myself was also nice and easy.
    Friday, July 2nd, 2010
    1:44 pm
    stupid Verizon rep
    So, when I bought the phone I asked about swapping into an international rate for the weekend. Rep says sure sure, no problem. Call today, support says "nope, phone has to have been active for 90 days". Of course I'm doing most of my travel outside of the country over the next 30 days. *kicks things* So, voice calls will be 69c/minute, and I'm turning off data, since it's 2c/kb which is going to add up fast.
    The rep also didn't mention the $35 restocking fee if I decide to return it in the 30 day trial period. Hmph.
    Ah well, I put some music on it, hopefully I can still listen to that w/o invoking extra fees.

    Off to Toronto for the weekend, see some of you there!

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    Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
    10:56 pm
    entering the modern world
    Just bought a smartphone (well, got it free with the 2 year contract), after *mumble* years on a pay as you go plan. The monthly bill (even rolling over my unused balance) is going to be a shock after $15/month and never using up my minutes. I got a Palm Pixi Plus (the Pre was noticeably slow just playing with it in the store) and it has a hard keyboard, so I'll be using it for text messaging, and email, and web surfing, and maps, and ... not actually talking on the phone. :) Currently trying to do some magic to sync my Palm Pilot calendar and contacts. *fingers crossed* Phone number stays the same.

    Note to self: get Canada plan switched on for the weekend, otherwise the first bill will give you a heart attack.

    Hmm, can't get a good enough signal to set up the account, will do it tomorrow at work.

    To get address book in to gmail contacts, export as .csv from kpilot on linux, create a new contact and add stuff to it in gmail, then export it, use that to add headers to the kpilot output (in a spreadsheet, so export as .csv again). For the record, I had about 1000 contacts in my Palm Pilot. I imported them under a new group so I could delete them when I messed up. They had to be added to "My Contacts" to synch to the phone.
    For the calendar, back it up using kpilot, so have the CalendarDB-PDat.pdb (kpilot doesn't have a gui for the calendar). I just tried palm2ical on windows to create a .ics file and then created a new calendar in my google calendar and imported it. Currently seems stuck. :/ Might just be the 9 years of info to slurp in, though... yup, it's there, and lots of overlapping events from when I was duplicating stuff. Next up: text files, and I need to find a safe/locker program as well.

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    10:46 pm
    June books and movies
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    The Good Men: A Novel of Heresy, Charmaine Craig. Read more...Collapse )

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